“Up” iTunes Report – Day1

After a whole day on iTunes, the girls have been able to catapult into the top20 at #15 on the main charts and #8 on the pop chart! Congrats to the girls and the fans, awesome job!

In the meantime, “If this is Love” manages to hold onto the #67 spot on the main charts and #23 on the pop chart! Which by the way, “If this is Love” climbed 14 places to #76 on it’s 11th week on the Official UK Singles Chart this week. Good times indeed!

Now for you fans out there worried if this is a good start or not for “Up”, let’s go back in time and you’ll find that after a full day of charting, “If this is Love” was located in the top 30 at #24. So there is definitely improvement there, again great job to the fans and of course the girls themselves for putting out such an ace single!

Check back later where I’ll make an update after Day2 and also a reminder that the physical copy is available finally!

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