Daily Archives: July 8, 2009

Chart Update: It wasn’t meant to be.


We at The-Saturdays.Co.Uk regret to inform you that “Work” has already started a chart fall.

Digital Spy reports that “Work” is nowhere in the top 30 according to the midweek chart. This more than likely means their peak position will remain at 22. Of course the death of Michael Jackson has sent a ripple through the charts, him posthumously controlling more than a fourth of the chart.

Remember: These are the midweeks. They are not set in stone. You can change it by buying their single “Work” in Itunes, Amazon, or HMV.

Dougie was there last night! And he’s been there the whole time!


See the man in the grey hoodie playing the bass towards the back? That’s no other than Dougie Poynter, bass of McFLY and boyfriend of our very own Frankie!

Since it was the last night of The Work Tour, he decided to jump on the stage and play durring “Just Can’t Get Enough.” Most of the crowd didn’t notice until he got a shout-out (It is towards the end of the video, hard to hear).

Apparently, hes been there for most of the tour with Frankie, not playing bass, but just being there.

Well Dougie, keep up the good work as a musician and as a boyfriend.

Chipmunk likes “Saturday”!


According to Digital Spy, London rapper Chipmunk is a big fan of The Sats! He talked with the Daily Star, saying:

“They’re young, beautiful and firing… I love the album and the cover. My favourite track is ‘Issues’. It relates to every area of my life.”

Check him out on myspace here.

It’s Late News, But If You Didnt Know…

Luigi Masi pick The Saturdays’ “Work” as his Song of the Week. He said,

Just saw their tour yesterday and they were so good! This is their new single so please go and buy it, it’s a super song!

Buy his latest album Save His Shoes! You can do that here.

The Beginning of Webtools!

Coming in at #1, Webtools is what the people want, and they’re gonna get it! The section only has 3 simple wallpapers today, but more and more items will be added daily. There’s one little thing about getting them… You have to be a member of Saturday Night VIP!!! If you join today, a link should appear on the navigation bar letting you go to the webtools section. Check it out here!