Calvin Harris: ‘Saturdays lack vision’

Friday, August 21 2009, 10:52 BST

By Daniel Kilkelly, Entertainment Reporter

Calvin Harris: 'Saturdays lack vision'

Rex Features

Calvin Harris has reportedly taken a swipe at The Saturdays for turning down one of his songs.

According to The Mirror, the chart-topper originally offered the girlband his ‘Ready For The Weekend’ single but was rejected by the group.

The tabloid quotes him as saying: “The thing is, being the guy who makes music and sends it out to people, eventually someone is going to say no. I offered it to The Saturdays but they didn’t want to use it. Obviously they didn’t have the vision.

“I’ve heard the Saturdays aren’t that great live. I see they haven’t developed live Auto-Tune yet – it must be in the works.”

Harris has previously revealed that The Saturdays also turned down his ‘Holiday’ track, which eventually went to Dizzee Rascal.

Source: Digitalspy

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