The new Saturdays single: What do we think?

Sunday, August 23 2009, 10:20 BST

By Nick Levine, Music Editor

The new Saturdays single wasn’t supposed to premiere until later today, but the video has already popped up on YouTube so we’ve been gorging like the kid who’s just discovered mummy’s secret stash of Galaxy Caramel. ‘Forever Is Over’ is the first trailer from the group’s crucial second album, so it makes sense that they’ve tried something a bit different here.

Produced by Sam Watters and Louis Biancaniello, the team who gave us ‘Battlefield’ and ‘I’m Outta Love’, and co-written by Busted’s James Bourne, it’s a rock-tinged pop song that lots of people are bound to call “a bit Kel…” They wouldn’t be wrong, especially given that lyrically we’re very much in break-up territory here. “Forever is over, and I’m gone, not gonna stay…” goes the hook.

Our first impressions? Well, there’s no doubt that the big, belty chorus hits the bullseye, and Una’s attitudey middle 8 is pretty ace, but for our money this is a good Sats single rather than a great one. Truth be told, we’re more excited by ‘Wordshaker’ and ‘One Shot’, the new tunes that the girls debuted on their recent tour.

Anyway, you can make up your own minds by watching the video below. Would you be surprised if we told you they’d dug out the fingerless gloves for this one?


What do you think of ‘Forever Is Over’? Do you like the video? Click the source below to have your say.

Source: Digitalspy

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