Saturdays: ‘We’re on Team Andre

Saturdays: ‘We’re on Team Andre’

Thursday, September 10 2009, 16:32 BST

By David Balls, Music Reporter

Saturdays: 'We're on Team Andre'

The Saturdays have revealed that they sided with Peter Andre following his split from Katie Price in May.

The ‘Forever Is Over’ singers admitted that they are “Team Peter all the way” after being impressed when they met him recently.

“He’s so nice, and obviously you never know what goes on behind closed doors, but from what you see he’s such a nice guy and just looks out for his family,” Frankie Sandford told Now magazine.

“When we were doing a performance at T4 On The Beach recently, and he introduced himself to me and he was so nice, so I’m Team Peter definitely,” Rochelle Wiseman added.

The celebrity couple were granted a ‘quickie’ divorce at London’s High Court on Tuesday and the split is expected to be made final in six weeks’ time.

The Saturdays release new single ‘Forever Is Over’, the first track lifted from their second studio album, on October 5.

Source: Digitalspy

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