EQ Interviews Frankie From The Saturdays

EQ Interviews Frankie From The Saturdays – “Getting drunk on tequila is not something The Saturdays would sing about…”

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You know what – I haven’t really written much about The Saturdays here on EQ.  I’ve always had an appreciation for the their radio friendly electro-tinged hits (my absolute favorite being “Up”), but like Girls Aloud – they are everywhere it seems – and EQ tends to write about up-and-coming artists – and The Saturdays, well they most certainly have already arrived now haven’t they.

I did ponder if I should do the interview or not, but I thought it would be a real hoot to talk to Frankie about current girl pop and get the scoop on their upcoming album “Wordshaker” which is coming out in October.  I’m glad I did the interview though – I liked their first album and Frankie is a lovely girl.  It’s always a pleasure to speak to someone whose had some success in the industry and to get their perspective on the current music scene.

So what happened when EQ met Frankie from The Saturdays – read on and enjoy…

EQ: Well hello Frankie…how are you today?
Frankie: I’m good thank you!

So I must ask, how are you holding up with all this commotion about Keisha being kicked out of the Sugababes?  Is it a sad day for girlband pop?
Um, I don’t know really.  It’s kinda fair enough I guess.  Keisha has been in Sugababes for like 11 years or something like that.  Now that she’s left, all the original members now are gone.  So it’s like, “Are they Sugababes anymore?”.  I don’t know – it’s just weird…

So I’ve been dying to ask you actually, how do The Saturdays coordinate their multi-coloured outfits ie: your dresses, tights, umbrellas etc.  Do you get into arguments like “I want to be blue, no I want to be blue” or is there some complex sort of system that you use to pick out your colours for the music videos and artwork…
No – the first time we did it – it just ended up being that way.  We didn’t chose colours or anything – it was just what colours our dresses were.  Now it’s kinda whoever wants to wear what really.  I try to wear red as much as I can and the same with the other girls.  But we don’t keep the same colour, we kinda mix it around.

So tell me about your new single – “Forever Is Over”.  It’s a bit of an angsty one isn’t it?…
Yeah – it was written by James Bourne.  He’s written so many hits so it was cool to work with him.  It’s a breakup song.  It’s a “go-off I’m leaving and I don’t care – see you later” type of song.  Not really a tearjerker at all – it’s more of an empowering song I think.  It’s got such a good chorus, it’s catchy and it’s just a big song.  We love it – it’s awesome.  When we heard it, we said “we have to have it”.

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