The Saturdays Wordshaker Review

Let’s jump right in. Wordshaker is better than Chasing Lights, but that was hardly going to be a hard feat to achieve. Well done to Mollie who wins the award for most improved vocals, we actually want to listen to her now unlike her appalling ‘uhh yeh’ adlibs in If This Is Love and ‘whoa-oy-oy’ intro from Work. Frankie shouldn’t have bothered to turn up to studio, that’s how bad she sounds here. Rochelle could have spent a bit less time in studio. Not sure where Una and Vanessa were because they’re not really anywhere. Watch it girls, we don’t want Royonce.


  1. Forever Is Over (**) – The lead single is an average pop/rock affair. The hardcore fans might know it but don’t ask the public as it’s not exactly setting the airplay charts on fire. We think the only reason this was chosen was because it was written by ex-Busted member James Bourne.
  2. Here Standing (***) We actually had to check iTunes to make sure we weren’t listening to No Air. Good to see the girls continue their theme of being sub-par [insert artists name here]. The chorus is a bit of a non-chorus, seems like it was an afterthought. Listen out for Mollie, very good here!
  3. Ego (*****) Ah, the first track that actually sounds like it’s The Saturdays. That’s probably because this track is written by their 6th band member, Ina Wroldsen. Please make sure this is the second single.
  4. No One (*) – This album’s Vulnerable. We promptly skipped this upon hearing Frankie’s bridge. Who the hell approved this? They should be shot.
  5. One Shot (*****) – Another track that sounds like The Saturdays. Leona Lewis and Luigi Masi must have agreed as they both turned this down for their upcoming albums. If you liked it on tour then you’ll love this studio version.
  6. Wordshaker (****) – You might have heard the title track if you went to see The Saturdays on their Work tour. We didn’t remember how it went because of all the alcohol we downed that night to try and liven that mess of a ’show’. It’s a good track but not deserving of title track nameage rights.
  7. Denial (***) – Generic. The girls were on a roll with ‘The Saturdays’ sounding tracks. Oh well. And no this is not a cover of the Sugababes song although it is just as instant. Most likely to be the ‘last single’ release.
  8. Open Up (*****) This is the best song on the album. Words cannot quite describe the amazingness that this song encapsulates. Very Kelly Clarkson does dance. Very well done Team Sats.
  9. Lose Control (****) Why did Britney Spears not snap up this electro gem? The rapping/talk bits and electronic zaps are incredible. Come on everybody now “oooh oh oooh oh”!
  10. Not Good Enough (***) – When this leaked last September (yes, a year ago) it sounded okay. Now with exactly the same version on the album it just sounds old. Should have just been released as a future b-side.
  11. Deeper (**) – Bland. That makes sense as it was co-written by the girls. It also sounds very much like La Roux but without those annoying vocals of hers.
  12. 2AM (**) – The Why Me, Why Now of the album. The track sounds like something lost from the 1990s. An okay way to end the album but nothing that makes us beg for album 3.

And there we have it. Basically the girls should have taken the best 6 tracks and released it now as an EP and then come back with an album next year. There is no growth here and we can’t help but fear they’ll suffer a sophomore slump.

Wordshaker is out on 12th October through Fascination/Geffen.

Source: Turn Up The Pop

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