The Saturdays: We are not sex symbols

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Images courtesy of Viz-Dangerous Disco

OBVIOUSLY girlband The Saturdays don’t own a mirror between them. Because Una Healy,Mollie King, Frankie Sandford, Vanessa White and Rochelle Wiseman don’t think they are sex symbols.

Speaking to ZOO mag, Frankie commented: “It’s cool, but I don’t really think of myself in that way. It’s funny when you see things written about you. Our agent opened up ZOO the other day on the plane and there was a picture of me with my arse hanging out. It was really awkward – we both sat there looking at my arse! But it’s cool. It’s nice if people think we’re hot.”
Mollie claims that being so sexy has its drawbacks: “I find it quite embarrassing – especially if my dad sees naughty stuff about me. Not what you want your dad reading!”

Commenting on their saucy stage outfits, Una says: “It’s not exactly what you’d wear to walk down the street! It’s very sexy and we’re not ashamed of it. But we’re not sluts either. We’re classily sexy. Every girl goes out on a Saturday night to be a sex symbol. When I walk into a bar, I never feel special because so many of the girls are stunning.”

These girls are f*cking blind, if I didn’t have that restraining order I would happily tell them how nice they look. I mean come on, standing outside each one of their houses with just a spinning bow-tie on pretending to be the newest member of McFly wasn’t that bad.. was it?

Anyhow, here is a few pics of the girls from when we caught up with them and fellow superstars Taio Cruz and Chipmunk at Juice FM’s Big Night Out over the weekend.



Source: Celebrity Gossip First

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