Biz Sessions: Saturdays stake their claim


Starring role … The Saturdays perform in The Sun studios

WITH GIRLS ALOUD, THE PUSSYCAT DOLLS and SUGABABES all on breaks – THE SATURDAYS wanted to prove they could fill the girl band void by playing a Biz Session.

And I’ll let you be the judge by watching them perform hit song Issues, recent single Forever Is Over and Deeper from their new Top 10 album Wordshaker, by clicking on the links below and to the right. {thanks Emily for ripping these videos and uploading them to YouTube!}:



Forever Is Over:




You certainly can’t deny their professionalism – UNA, FRANKIE, MOLLIE, VANESSA and ROCHELLE broke the record for the longest ever trip to The Sun’s studios.


Guitar hero … Una adds something different into the mix

And during the breaks they couldn’t resist a cheeky dig at their pop rivals.

Una said: “This session really strips it down to show that we’re singers.

“We’re not a dance group like the Pussycat Dolls – only one or two of them can sing.”

Vanessa added: “We’ve always been fighting since we started the group to prove that we’re not just a bunch of pretty girls who dance around.

“And we’re all irreplaceable.

“It would be so weird if a new person came in because they wouldn’t have the same memories as we have, so it would be hard for them not to feel left out.”

Click on the slideshow below to see more pics of The Saturdays performing at The Sun HQ…

But don’t expect The Saturdays to shack up under the same roof any time soon.

Mollie said: “It would be a recipe for disaster, living together. I couldn’t even live with my best friend.”

Frankie added : “We’re always with our boyfriends, and we’ve all got our own groups of friends.

“A lot of bands spend too much time out of work so they are literally always together.

“And I think, especially for girls, that isn’t healthy.”

Wordshaker is out now.


Cheesy grins … Frankie and Mollie

Source: The Sun

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