Una loves to represent Ireland at the Eurovision Song Contest

The Saturdays singer Una Healy has revealed how she would love to represent Ireland at the Eurovision Song Contest, now that she’s an established artist in her own right. The Tipperary beauty suffered a close call while in Greece to perform alongside Brian Kennedy at Eurovision 2006, which inspired her to follow her dreams and audition for the girlband the following year. Una told the Diary how she was left shaken following an attack by a Siberian husky during her visit to Athens, where she was a backing vocalist on Ireland’s entry, Every Song is a Cry for Love. “I was over there as a backing singer with Brian,” she explained. “We were out one day when I saw what I thought was this really cute dog and I went over to pet him. “It turned out he wasn’t so cute and almost tried to gnaw my arm off. Luckily one of the guys who was over there with us was nearby and rescued me. It’s definitely an experience I won’t forget in a hurry and one that gave me a wake-up call and made me think it’s time I got myself out there and did something. “It wouldn’t put me off doing the Eurovision. Why not? If the right opportunity came along then who knows?I don’t know how the girls would feel about me heading off without them though,” she laughed. Una will not be able to fly the flag for us this year however, as the Saturdays soon take off on a tour of Asia and Europe.

Source :Herald.ie

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