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Una made an diary entry in Evening Herald‘s Celebrity Diary on 29 January.

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Last weekend got off to an exciting start for me, given that my boyfriend Ben Foden’s team were playing against Munster in the Heineken Cup.

He plays for Northampton and as I’m from Thurles, in the heart of Munster, it always makes for a tricky encounter!

It was quite tough for me seeing them compete against each other and one radio station did call me up and asked if I would go on and talk about it. But I didn’t want to upset anyone, so I said no. Of course, I’m 100pc loyal to my province and I’m very proud of where I’m from, but I’m also very in love and of course you want to see your boyfriend do well. I’m happy enough to sit on the fence and cheer on both teams.

They’ll be going up against Munster again in April and that will be a very exciting game. They are both very strong sides and Munster have such a massive support network, it always makes for a brilliant atmosphere.

Before I met Ben, I’ll happily admit I didn’t have a clue about rugby but I’m getting much better now. The only part I don’t enjoy is watching the scrums as when he’s suddenly brought down you just think, ‘I hope they’re okay’ and you’re holding your breath waiting for them to get up again — it’s such a scary feeling. Luckily, the position he plays in means he’s not in those dangerous situations too much — he hasn’t got cauliflower ears either, thank God!

I’m really in the nesting stage at the moment, given that we have moved into our new house. The past few days I’ve been all domestic and doing things around our home. The washing machine broke down so I called up the plumber to ask him to fix it.

But when I told him the brand, which was probably the cheapest one in Argos, he told me it would probably cost more to repair it than buy a new one! So instead, I treated myself to a brand new washer and dryer and solved the whole problem.

I was back in Ireland this week for a couple of nice jobs which brought me back to my home town. I don’t actually get home that often but I’m still really in touch with all my old friends and I see my family all the time — they usually fly over to London to visit me.

On Tuesday, I filmed a segment for RTE’s Off The Rails with Brendan Courtney. We walked through the town square and then I brought him around some of my favourite shops that I would have gone to when I was younger. It was all really laid back. Afterwards, I met up with mum Anne as we were doing a photoshoot for VIP, which was lovely. We got our hair and make-up done in Boutique Salon in Thurles and then headed to Cashel for the shoot which I really enjoyed.

Last year was so mental for us as a band that it’s been so nice having a more quiet time in January. We are still promoting our second album Wordshaker and I’m concentrating on taking time out to write some new songs. We’re also working with some new people like James Bourne from Busted, and we have our first autobiography coming out later this year.

I have always kept a general account of what I’ve been doing and where I’ve gone with the band, so I can look back and see how hectic things were for us. We all have our own parts in the book where we speak about where we come from and what we did before we were in the band and all the different experiences.

It definitely will show that it’s not all glitz and glam. Some things can be horrific, especially at the start, so there will be some juicy bits alright.

We’re a very tight unit as a band. Vanessa (White) went off and did the TV show Popstar To Operastar and she’s just finished doing that after being voted off. We were expecting her to be in a bit longer but she’s exhausted.

She’s the quietest one in the group so it’s great for her to be able to go off and showcase herself on her own. We still adore working as a group and it will be a long way down the road before any of us go off and do a Cheryl Cole and go solo.

When things go wrong, that’s when you realise how lucky you are to have each other as a support network.

– Una Healy

Source: Evening Herald

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