Una Helps The Focus turn from Brits to Meteors

It has been all about The Brits this week and of course, it was celebrating a big anniversary.

However, the Brits is not the only awards show in town and the Irish music industry has stepped forward to get their moment in the sun.

There is an anniversary going on at the Ireland Music Awards this evening as it celebrates its tenth year.

There are a number of live performances with Florence and the Machine, Paulo Nutini, Westlife, The Script, Bell X1, Pixie Lott and Temper Trap all scheduled to play.

Pop stars in Britain have been excited by London Fashion week but it appears that Una Healy, the Irish singer of the Saturdays is more than excited about her appearance presenting at the awards.

The presentation is an important aspect but as you would expect, the dress is the thing that has caught Una’s imagination, as she twittered..

Haha, you can take the girl out of Ireland but you can’t take the Irish out of the girl.

It seems to be non stop for The Saturdays at the moment but getting back home is always a treat and the opportunity to be involved with an event like this is too good to turn down.

Perhaps over time, Una and the girls will be able to pick up the awards as opposed to hand them out but you have to start somewhere!

Source:Pop Land

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