The Saturdays about BRIT Awards

BRITs highlights

Una: “I probably shouldn’t say this but when Liam Gallagher threw his award in the crowd it was so funny!!!”
Rochelle: “Cheryl Cole’s performance was mind blowing. She had so many dancers on stage and I loved how she jumped through the floor right at the beginning.”
Mollie: “I’d go for Cheryl too but I also loved Lily Allen’s opening performance. I’d love to arrive on stage like she did. Maybe on the next tour, eh??”
Vanessa: “Dizzie and Florence definitely!!!!!!”
Frankie: “Peter Kaye was so funny the whole time. I’m not sure everyone is the crowd quite got his sense of humour but I thought he was ace.”

Favourite outfit

Una: “Florence’s performance outfit was amazing. She’s so elegant.”
Rochelle: “I’d have to go with Florence too!!!! Amazing!!”
Mollie: “I love Fearne Cotton’s style and she looked gorgeous on the night.”
Vanessa: “I know it was a bit crazy but I kind of loved Lily’s orange wig!! Ha!”
Frankie: “Cheryl looked hot!!!”

Most deserved winner

Una: “Florence and the Machine.”
Rochelle: “Really glad Lily picked up best female!”
Mollie: “It was great to see Robbie win his award!”
Vanessa: “Dizzie, definitely.”
Frankie: “Florence and the Machine. Love that album!!!”

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