This Week’s Most Amazing Celebrity Pet

Our favourite thing about Mollie King of The Saturdays used to be her hair… then she added that fringe. Fortunately, just as we started to despair and started compiling a new list of stuff – she went and got a new dog.

Meet Alfie, the mischievous little toy poodle. Ain’t he a sweet little fecker?

Normally, people who constantly tweet pictures of their pets get on our nerves. But we don’t mind it when Mollie does, because the snaps are actually quite amusing.

Last week, she twittered these photos of Alfie after he managed to clamber onto the sides through some sort of winged magic. She also posted this pic of his little cherry bag, which made us feel warm inside.

We can’t even talk about ‘the shoe’ without breaking into a high pitched giggle. And that’s annoying, so we’ll have to stop here.

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