Frankie on Love, HABs and Death Threats

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SATURDAYS babe Frankie Sandford has lots to smile about.
Her band is currently the biggest girl group in the charts and she’s just returned from a romantic break in Florida with her other half, Dougie, from McFly.

On top of that, she’s ranked “hottest” Saturday member by many fans.

Besotted Dougie had a crush on Frankie, 21, for seven years before he mustered up the courage to ask her out.

In an exclusive interview with Sugar magazine (on sale 24 Feb) Frankie describes how it all came about.

She says: “We were doing our first gig at G-A-Y in July 2008 and McFly were performing too.

“While we were rehearsing Dougie walked up on stage – we looked at each other and then looked away.

“I knew he fancied me ’cause I’d heard him say it in loads of interviews.

“Harry came over and gave me a kiss to say hello, then Dougie shook my hand! Really weird! He mumbled, ‘You alright?’

“And I was like, ‘Ye-ah.’It was so formal!

“Harry said: ‘Are you just gonna shake her hand?’ And then it was really, really awkward. Me and Dougie were like ‘Erghrg!'”

Dougie once described his partnership with Frankie as the Posh and Becks of Essex.

Frankie says: “I’m not sure we’ll ever be like them – we’re on a different level! We find it funny that people think of us as a celeb couple, ’cause we’re so sad and boring.

“We like to stay in and get a takeaway, or go to the cinema. Last night we were up until 1am cleaning the house, so we’re not exactly cool.”

So is Frankie a McFly WAG or is Dougie a Saturdays HAB?

“He’s a Saturdays HAB! But we call them ‘BADs’ – Boyfriends And Dogs. The first time I saw Dougie perform I actually didn’t like it. He was running around the stage and everyone was screaming.

“I was like, ‘What are they screaming at?’ It took me a while to get used to seeing him as Dougie from McFly – I just see him as my boyfriend.”

Does she mind the female attention he gets? She says: “I can see why they fancy him. I do get death threats on Twitter. I’ll say, ‘I’m on a plane now!’ and they’ll go, ‘I hope your plane crashes.'”

Will she eventually do a Cheryl Cole and go solo?

“You never know. I’ve met Cheryl and she really is so lovely and everything that she seems on TV. I’d like to sit down and talk to her because things have been completely mental for her. It’d be interesting to get advice.”

Would she like to be a judge on The X Factor?

“I’d love to – that would be awesome! I’d be terrible though because my face just says it all. I’d get the giggles too. I’d just want to let everyone through ’cause I know how it feels to get rejected.”

Sugar’s full exclusive interview with Frankie goes on sale on Feb 24. For more information, visit

The Saturdays’ album Wordshaker is out now

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