Rochelle went on a date with Teddy Sheringham

The Saturdays beauty, Rochelle Wiseman, has been on an intimate dinner date with ex-England footballer, Teddy Sheringham. All well and good you might say but the man is 23 years her senior. Eww!

According to the Sun, Rochelle and Teddy were spotted enjoying dinner at an Italian restaurant in Woodford Green, Essex, last Friday night.

Rochelle has recently broken up from her boyfriend, Charlton athletic goalie Darren Randolph and seems to have a thing for footie players.

Poor Marvin from JLS, we all know he was sweet on the singer.

A fellow diner told the Sun, “When I looked over I recognised Rochelle, who is beautiful, and then saw the older man.

“At first I thought it must be her dad, then realised it was Sheringham.

“They looked like a couple and Rochelle couldn’t stop grinning.

“Teddy stroked her hands throughout their meal and they were very intimate, like they knew each other extremely well.

“She seemed fascinated by him. It was extraordinary to see.”

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