Did Frankie and Dougie split up?

Celebrity couple Frankie Sandford, The Saturdays, and Dougie Poynter, McFly are rumoured to have split up. The couple have been referred to as the new ‘Posh and Becks’ and ‘perfect for each other’, but is it all over now?

Well, nobody is really sure if this is true or not. All we know is that they stopped following each other on Twitter. This shouldn’t mean anything, but they were following each other before, so it’s a bit strange.

Also, Dallas Austin (McFly’s producer red.) mentioned in a Ustream video he did with McFly that Dougie is a single man. At the time it was thought of as a joke. Dougie wasn’t there himself so even if he’d wanted to, he couldn’t have argued his statement. Band members Danny and Tom laughed at Dallas’ comment and Tom said, ‘Naughty Dallas.’

A few other clues have appeared on Twitter…
Frankie has also stopped following Tom, Danny and Harry, as well as Tom’s girlfriend Giovanna – someone she has previously seemed close to.
Frankie reportedly tweeted something to Callum Best along the lines of “I’m scared that we’re rushing it” (although this tweet has now been deleted, and so has the tweet by Callum that she was replying to!).
Frankie’s recent tweets have indicated that she is living with her mum at the moment.

It proves nothing of course, but it’s all a little odd. What do you think, are Dougie and Frankie still together and is it all a big hoax, or is their relationship over?

UPDATE, 1 March: Today we asked Dallas Austin (on Ustream) if Dougie was single, he replied with “Yes Dougie is single, he’s looking for a girlfriend, he’s lonely”. Dougie laughed and walked away. Dallas then added “He’s not really single guys… he has a boyfriend.”

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