Gallery update – The girls having dinner & Mollie in Bliss Magazine

I added 5 pictures of the girls having dinner on 2 march.

24132_373589511336_171985731336_4704919_2038595_n.jpg   24132_373589466336_171985731336_4704918_7760907_n.jpg   24132_373589446336_171985731336_4704917_4703167_n.jpg   24132_373589416336_171985731336_4704916_7410811_n.jpg   24132_373589381336_171985731336_4704915_3188727_n.jpg

credit: cutiecee
I also added a magazine scan of Mollie in Bliss talking about her Dyslexia. (January)


credit: Ultimatesaturdays

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