Aston about Frankie

Everyone’s talking about Frankie Sandford and whether she’s going to do a Rochelle Wiseman and get herself a JLS shaped boyfriend (for those not in the know, shame on you. Rochelle – also from The Saturdays – has been on a string of dates with Marvin from JLS. Keep up.)

We asked Aston who he fancied and the conversation went a bit like this:

Aston: “That girl from The Saturdays. Who used to be in S Club Juniors. She’s well hot.”

Sugarscape: “She’s called Frankie.”

Aston: “Yeah, her. Could you set me up with her? Please? Can’t your people speak to my people? Go on.”

Sugarscape: “Sorry Aston. We’re afraid she’s got a boyfriend. She’s just started dating Dougie from Mcfly.”

Aston: “Damn! I was too late. I missed out…”

Looks like it’s your lucky month, Aston. And seeing as your people are now her people (they have the same music PR) you can ask them / her yourself!

What do you think? Would they make a cute couple? Or are your fingers still crossed that she’ll get back together with Doug?

Source: Sugarscape

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