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The 19th of March Marvin Humes, Rochelle’s boyfriend from JLS celebrated his 25th birthday. I added 3 pictures

marvin.jpg  marvinbday.jpg  marvinhbday.jpg

Yesterday, (20st March), Frankie got spotted holding hands with a guy in the Mayfair hotel. I added 2 pictures

leavingfrankiemayfair.jpg  frankiemayfair.jpg

It’s Rochelle’s 21st birthday today and yesterdaynight she celebrated it. I added 7 pictures

article-1259556-08CE11D9000005DC-100_306x550_popup.jpg  article-1259556-08CE1309000005DC-804_306x628.jpg  article-1259556-08CE1E3C000005DC-662_306x628.jpg  article-1259556-08CE1F38000005DC-595_306x690.jpg  article-1259556-08CE1221000005DC-867_306x550.jpg  article-1259556-08CE1DAC000005DC-562_306x690.jpg  article-1259556-08CE0FD5000005DC-269_634x922.jpg

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