Vanessa has Adam well trained

SATURDAYS babe Vanessa White has her Scots boyfriend well trained – he spends all HIS spare time looking after HER pet poodle.

Former X Factor star Adam Chandler has been dating the glam singer on-and-off for 18 months… and often looks after her pooch George.

Adam – who starred in the X Factor in 2007 as part of boyband Futureproof – spent most of last year on tour with the girls and their boyfriends.

He said: “Me and the other boyfriends would go shopping and have a laugh together while the girls were rehearsing.

“It’s quite corny but we’re all pretty close-knit, like a big family.

Loved ... pooch George Loved … pooch George

“The girls are lucky they all get on so well and are really close.

“Us boyfriends are like WAGs, but we’re known to their fans as the BADs – boyfriends and dogs – as we all have to look after the girls’ pet dogs while they’re on tour. All five of them have these tiny little pooches and we look so daft out walking them.”

He joined forces with Mollie King’s boyfriend Andrew Brown, Rochelle Wiseman’s now ex Darren Randolph, Una Healy’s lover Ben Foden, and McFly bassist Dougie Poynter, who was dating Frankie Sandford.

Adam – who spent a year touring and enjoying the celebrity lifestyle after starring on The X Factor – added: “It’s our responsibility to look after the dogs backstage.

“We try not to pay them much attention as it’s not very manly and we look a little bit camp walking these little pups that are the size of your hand.

“Us boyfriends are sometimes forgotten during the gigs.

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