Chipmunk: “I’m gonna be writing for the saturdays”

Chipmunk: “Collaborations Are Boring”  Chipmunk at This Is It Premiere

However, Chip Diddy Chip confirms he would like to work with The Saturdays…

Chipmunk has confessed that he wants to stop collaborating with other artists because he thinks it’s ‘boring’.

The Oopsy Daisy hitmaker told The Daily Star: “I won’t do any more N-Dubz records. I’ll probably leave all the collaborations now and concentrate on my own thing. It’s all got a bit boring.”

He added: “It’s nice at first. It gives new artists a leg up. But I don’t want people to expect who is gonna be on my next album and for them to actually appear on it.”

The rapper, whose new single Until You Were Gone is in fact a collaboration with Justin Timberlake‘s protégé Esmée Denters did add that if the chance came about, he wouldn’t turn down working with girl band The Saturdays.

The 19-year said: “The Saturdays are pretty girls. I’m gonna be writing for them, giving them beats and verses. They need more edge and I’m on it.”


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