[Edited]Something to get of your chest, Frankie?

Something to get off your chest, Frankie Sandford? Saturdays singer fails to hide spots with concealer

She may have been voted the fourth sexiest woman in the world, but even Frankie Sandford is allowed an off day.

The Saturdays singer was pictured out in London last night, vainly attempting to cover a rash of chest spots with concealer.
But under the unforgiving glare of the the assembled flashbulbs, it became blindingly obvious where the 21-year-old had dabbed make-up over her pimples.

In fact the colour of it didn’t even appear to match her skin tone properly, making for a rather unflattering pattern across her décolletage.
The girl group star was spotted out last night at the May Fair hotel where she was joined by bandmate Mollie King.

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Pictures of Frankie and Mollie are coming soon! 🙂



I’ve added 16 images of that evening (june 16) are added to the gallery, so please click HERE to see them!

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