Sarah McIntyre interviews Una

She's a highstreet girl at heart Sarah McIntyre caught up with ‘The Saturdays’ star Una Healy as she arrived back in Ireland to launch Diet Coke’s Love it Light style and pampering tour.

The singer certainly knows a thing or two about fashion and beauty as a member of the stylish girlband, so it was the perfect opportunity to get the lowdown on beautifying in a rush, favourite places to shop and her individual style.

Sarah McIntyre: You’re back in Ireland to launch the Diet Coke Love it Light Tour, what does it feel like to be back home?

Una Healy: It’s lovely to be back home. I’m proud to be asked to do something as big as this, it’s a huge compliment and I hope I do a good job to promote it as well.

SMI: Getting glammed up is part of your job, do you find it a chore or do you love it?

UH: Today it’s fine because it’s just myself, but when we do shows it’s five girls and say you have to be on camera at 8/9am, sometimes we have to leave our houses at four in the morning because there are so many of us to get ready in one tiny little claustrophobic room. Sometimes that can be a bit tough, so it’s actually mostly a chore! You have to sit there and go through the whole hair and makeup and sometimes you just go “I wish I could just do it myself” but it wouldn’t look as good!

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