[Edited] screencaps – more screencaps of Missing You

The saturdays ,new video Missing You Bekijk de afbeelding op ware grootteThe saturdays ,new video Missing You

After a lot of work I’ve managed to made 86 more screencaps of Missing You. That means there are 140 screencaps of Missing You in the gallery now. I hope you like them! Please click HERE to go to the third page where the rest of the pictures are added. Or click on the thumbnail if you haven’t seen any of the screencaps yet! 🙂 enjoy!

(So now and then it works for me to add a thumbnail to the posts again, like now, so lets hope it will work for 100% again soon!)


Dailymail addes 6 screencaps to their website, (so we’ve got 146 now :D) they’re probably very simular to the ones I have made, but hey, with a video like this it’s; the more the better right!?

Please click HERE to go to page 8 where the 6 images have been added!


andddd another screencap posted by Dailymail is added to the gallery. this time of Vanessa. Please click on the thumbnail to see it 🙂

Afbeelding op volledig scherm bekijken

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