Big Issue Seller Refuses To Sell Magazine To Frankie Saturdays

Now we know there are a lot of serious things going on in the world. Oil still scars the Mexican coast, Britain is facing massive job cuts in the economic cutbacks and Mel Gibson is on the loose but today PopDash must bring you some truly terrible news.

Yes, Frankie from The Saturday’s has been scammed by a man selling The Big Issue. I know, contain your rage…

The crime took place last night when Frankie was leaving a restaurant and was tried to buy the last copy of The Big Issue from the man selling it in the street.

Spotting his famous customer, the man asked her how much she would pay for it and she promptly handed over £5. The magazine normally costs £1.70.

The man then refused to give her the mag, saying that he could re-sell it and make more money.

Thus Frankie left £5 down and with nothing to read on her journey home.

Everyone here at PopDash is thinking of Frankie. Be brave young one, you will get through this and be a better person for the experience.

Source: Popdash

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