What Katie did next? She got replaced by The Saturdays

The article is a bit rude, but here we go …


When ‘gob-a-job‘ Katie Price saw pictures of herself in a bikini looking chunky she immediately went to rage and rant mode at poor Alex Reid.

The mouth seizure raged at Alex:

“You’ve made me fat.”

She blamed Alex’s high protein diet for her extra weight.

To make matters worse, ITV2 have just announced that it has a younger and hotter show set to replace her reality show ‘What Katie did next’.

We can reveal the channel have lined up hot tease mistresses The Saturdays.

The series will be called, Just Can’t Get Enough and will follow the girl storm everywhere it goes.

An ITV source told us:

“The Saturdays are everything Kate isn’t. They’re young, very sexy, easy to work with, professional, polite and their careers are on the up.”

” As for Kate, I’m just glad to see the back of her, but don’t quote me.”


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  1. newsmediaimages

    What do mean it’s a bit rude ? Beautifully written, even if I say so myself. You should see my song writing LOL

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