Marvin & Rochelle to move in together?

GUTTED ASTON MERRYGOLD has spoken for the first time about his wingman MARVIN HUMES moving out to live with his girlfriend.

ASTON MARVIN, my favourite pop twosome, have given us plenty of material during their pulling partnership.

But the JLS pair are now parting ways. Marvin says he is leaving his and Aston’s east London bachelor pad and buying his first house.
And he has asked his girlfriend, THE SATURDAYS’ ROCHELLE WISEMAN, to move in.

Aston said: “I’ve lost my wingman. I’m going to see him every day, but I’m going to miss him. Marv’s been softening the blow by making me breakfast.”

Ah, sounds like true love.

Marvin added: “Me, Aston, JB and ORITSE are in the process of making the big step and buying houses.

“Me and Rochelle spend all our spare time together so we’ll be living together. There’s no wedding bells yet. It’s far too early.

“I’ll miss Aston too. There’s been a couple of times where I’ve not woken up for work and Aston got me up. I’m going to have to get a serious alarm clock.”

But it’s not all schmaltzy backslapping in the band. I had a laugh when I found out that Aston, JB and Oritse take the mick out of Marvin for his super-tight affair with Rochelle. And the lads, at No1 with single The Club Is Alive. also poke fun at how much the couple look alike.

JB said: “They are the same person, just female and male versions.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future but if they have kids they are all going to look the same. Even their dog will look like them.”

It’s a shame Aston and Marv are doing their own thing but I suppose everyone has to grow up at some point.

Source: The Sun

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