And the winner of our Twittercompetition is…

Yesterday I decided to make a tweet about where the most Saturday fans live. Many tweets came in from countries like England, Holland, Venezuela, Wales, Austria, US, Germany and a few more.

When I said I’d do a shoutout on the site for the winning country, even more tweets came in!! Very cool!

I’m sure there are many many fans all over the world… MANY more than the ones on twitter..

But the winner of this tweetcompetition was GERMANY with 27 tweets!!!

Thanks to everyone who sent in tweets!

Do you like to tweet? Do you love The Saturdays? Do you like their first fansite Then feel free to follow us at:

Me, Issy uses the Twitteraccount, so if you have any comments, questions, or anything else to say, don’t hesitate to tweet me and I will always reply or FollowFriday you back!!

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