[Edited] pictures – leaving the MTV studio, and more!

I’ve added 4 images to the gallery of Una, Mollie and Frankie leaving the MTV studio on the 13th of July

I’m pretty sure more will pop on the internet sooner or later, but until now this is all I have found!

No, you’re not seeing things that aren’t actually there, the thumbnails are really appearing again!

So please click on one of them to check out the images!

satsuna.jpg  satsfrankie.jpg  una.jpg  doc.jpg



I also added 3 pictures from Una at the Transformers Trust performance on the 13th of July. There are 50 images in that folder now

party_07.jpg  party.jpg  party_06.jpg

Last but not least, I have found 4 images of the Transformers Trust gig and added them under performances.

app4.jpg  app.jpg  app2.jpg  app3.jpg

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