Saturday’s child

‘Oh, every day,” Una exclaims when I ask her if, in her days as a singer-songwriter gigging around Ireland, she ever thought, “This is just not going to happen.”

“I’d be going, ‘When is it gonna happen, when is it gonna happen?'” The 28-year-old Tipperary native says, smiling at the memory.

“I wrote songs about when is it gonna happen, why is it taking so long. So Long, So Long is a song I wrote,” she giggles self-deprecatingly.

Was it tough, the years spent struggling in anonymity? “It was. Well,” she pauses to qualify that, ever determined to see the positive side. “You feel, I wouldn’t like to still be doing that, ’cause it’d be like, ‘Where am I going?’ You know? But I felt at the time it was necessary. And I enjoyed the place where I was at; I didn’t want to be at the top or anything. I was enjoying getting there and that.”

It’s been a long day for Una. Having flown in to Dublin the night before, she has been on the go since half six in the morning. It’s now almost four, and she’s had only a 10-minute break between photo calls and interviews, promoting Diet Coke’s Love it Light Roadshow.

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