The Saturdays Frankie Sandford makes a mad dash to her car

Aren't you cold? Frankie appeared to have forgotten to wear shoes with her dressing gown as she ran out in the rainLooking stylish at a shoot is pretty much a given.

But The Saturdays star Frankie Sanford even managed to look sleek and styled in between shots, as she showed yesterday when she made a mad dash to her car.

Wearing a personalised navy blue dressing gown personalised with ‘The Saturdays’ and ‘Frankie’, the 21-year-old singer hid her face as she ran out of the shoot in London to quickly grab something from her car.

It’s been a busy few weeks for The Saturdays, who have been performing at various music events and festivals throughout the country, as well as announcing some other exciting news for the band.

As well as confirming they will be starring in a four-part series for ITV2, which will see them ‘burst into song’ like The Monkees did in the 1960s, the girlband have they will be releasing a new line of jewellery.

And today the girls gathered in London for a photoshoot to capture the perfect pictures to promote the range.

Source: Dailymail

I’ve added 3 images to the gallery of Frankie going to the photoshoot. Please click on the picture to see them!

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