Marvin JLS Wants To Marry Rochelle Saturdays

He says she’s the one…

Marvin out of JLS has said he wants to marry Rochelle off of The Saturdays.

The singer, who shot to fame with his boyband in 2009’s X Factor, has revealed he knows Rochelle is the one as the couple prepare to move in together.

He told Closer: “I wouldn’t be with her unless I thought she was the one I wanted to have kids with and get married to”

The 25-year-old added that he thinks the Ego singer will be “the most incredible wife and mum.”

He cannot wait to move in, too, adding: “I’ve found my dream house and Rochelle and I will be moving in”

Rochelle’s only 21…do you think the couple could be moving a little too fast?

Source: Popdash

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