Day 3 of the Competition with … Rochelle!

Yet another day of the competition has popped up early in their official sites’ video section, this time it’s Rochelle’s turn! Can you guess who she’s talking about? Read further info below the video …

[viddler id=aaf379c0&w=545&h=349]

It’s time for clip three of our week long competition, ‘The Saturdays Are Missing Who?’. Today it’s Rochelle’s turn to describe someone she misses!

Simply watch her in the video above, then tweet the name of the person you think she is talking about. For example, if you think she’s talking about boyfriend Marvin, then tweet:

#RochelleIsMissing MARVIN

We’ll be announcing the winner next week!

And be sure to check by again tomorrow. We’ll have a brand new ‘Missing Who’ competition clip from one of the other Sats!

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