Wiseman ‘reveals next Saturdays single’

The Saturdays, Headlines

Rochelle Wiseman has revealed that The Saturdays will release ‘Higher’ as their next single.

The singer told Entertainment Focus that the track would follow ‘Missing You’ as the next release from their mini-album Headlines!.

“Our next single ‘Higher’ is a classic Saturdays pop tune, along the lines of ‘Up’ and ‘Ego’,” she said.

“We can’t help but dance around when it comes on!”

Last month, Wiseman told fans that the video for the single, which has received positive feedback from fans after live performances, was being shot in “four weeks”.

The 21-year-old also disagreed that the group’s second album Wordshaker had underperformed.

“Erm… I don’t really agree with that but I think there’s always a lot out there so I guess it’s kind of hard. I don’t necessarily agree with that,” she responded.

However, she confessed that she had not wanted to release a third single from the album.

“No, no, no. Definitely not. Definitely, definitely not,” she said.

Mollie King recently told DS that the band could release more singles from the new LP.

“We’re definitely having another single from the album after ‘Missing You’ and probably another after that if all goes well,” she said.

Source: Digitalspy

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