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We’ll be honest with you – we were a little concerned when everything went quiet in the Saturdays camp post-‘Ego’, but with Girls Aloud on shaky ground and Sugababes M.I.A., we’re pleased to see Frankie, Mollie, Rochelle, Una and Vanessa picking up the slack. Back with the stomping electropop ballad ‘Missing You’ and mini-album Headlines!, the girls are firmly positioning themselves to pinch the crown for ‘Britain’s Top Girlband’. But first, can they score that elusive No.1 hit? We gave Mollie a call to find out if they’re feeling confident.

Are you enjoying performing the new single?
“I love this single and I love the dance routine! You know what we’re like – even though it’s a ballad we still wanted to have a dance. Thankfully it’s got a trancey beat which lends itself to a bit of a routine. We actually performed the track’s club remix on Alan Carr’s show the other day.”

Does that mean you have to do the routine faster?
“It does! It’s already quite complicated so that was… interesting! So much fun though.”

What’s the response to the single been like?
“We’re really pleased with the response it’s had. Whenever we put a single out, we get a sense in the first couple of weeks how people are responding to it, and this seems to be the best yet. The radio stations are loving it and the fans seem to be as well. It’s sort of a new direction for us, but not so much as to alienate our fans. I can’t wait for everyone to hear the album.”

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Are you hoping for a number one with this single?
“Honestly? Yes I am, but only for my parents and grandparents because it would be nice to tell them we have a number one. We’ve done other stuff that’s absolutely amazing, but it doesn’t seem to mean anything to your granny unless you can tell her you’ve had a number one. A number one is something she can understand.”

We hear you’ve worked with Taio Cruz – did he produce anything on the new album?
“We have worked with him but those tracks are probably going on the next album. On this album we’ve worked with some of the same producers from Wordshaker as well as a couple of new ones. We worked with Steve Mac again and also Ina Wroldsen, who’s written lots of our other stuff like ‘Ego’ and ‘Up’.”

Whose idea was it to release a mini-album?
“It was a mixture of us and the label. We didn’t want to wait another cycle to put out an album because we were given all these great songs and they just sounded so current. There’s a song called ‘Higher’ that sounds like ‘Up’ and one called ‘Karma’ that we think sounds like a new ‘Ego’. We’re seeing this as a package for the fans – something to keep them going between the last album and the next one.”

How would you describe the sound of the new songs?
“They’re really poppy. There are only two ballads – ‘Missing You’ and ‘Died In Their Eyes’ – and the rest are really upbeat. It’s very feelgood and very ‘Saturdays’. They’re going to be great tracks to perform on tour because they’re all quite ‘big’-sounding. It’s like we’ve looked at the last two albums, seen what everyone likes the most and then made similar songs to those.”

‘Higher’ has had already a great response from fans. Is it the next single?
“I can’t confirm as we’re still in talks. We’re definitely having another single from the album after ‘Missing You’ and probably another after that if all goes well. We’ve already got two singles on there, but you never know, we could end up doing a Beyoncé and releasing all the songs on it!”

How far along are you with your next full album?
“Well, we’ve been in the studio quite a lot over the last few months writing and recording for the next one. It won’t be coming out for a while, but we like to keep ourselves busy! We’ve written tracks with Taio Cruz and quite a few with Alphabeat too, which is really exciting. We actually wrote the ‘Missing You’ B-side too. It’s a song called ‘Ready To Rise’ and it’s quite a cheesy one, but we all love a bit of that sometimes!”

Will you all have a bigger hand in writing the next album then?
“Hopefully, but we don’t feel pressured to do so. We don’t have the attitude that we have to write all the songs – if a really good song comes in, of course we’re going to take it, but we all love to write and as time goes on we’re getting better.”

There aren’t really any other girlbands out there at the moment, so are you hoping to take over while there’s a lull?
“Definitely! Everyone keeps asking if we want to see some new girlbands come on the scene and we’re like, ‘No?!’ We’re enjoying it and basically want to make the most of it while we can.”

There are reports that Girls Aloud might get back together without Nadine. Do you think they’d work as a four-piece?
“I think all the girls are amazing. They have such a strong fan-base that anything they release will be successful. Personally though, I think it would be a shame if they carried on without Nadine because her voice is unreal.”

Finally, are there any plans for The Saturdays to take on America?
“It’s always been our dream. We spent some time in Asia recently and next year we’re hopefully going to Germany, but at the moment we’re focusing on the UK. We’ve got a book coming out soon and our own documentary series so as you can imagine we’re up to our eyeballs in it!”

Are they filming you right now?
“Not right this second, but they were when I woke up at 8 o’clock this morning after a heavy night out! That was not enjoyable. They’re literally with us all the time for three months and they’re getting four episodes out of it. It seems like a lot of filming to me! I’ve got so used to them being around now that I forget they’re filming and suddenly I worry I’m sitting around looking gormless. We don’t have anything to hide though – we get on so well and I think that will come across.”

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