Pictures – G-A-Y bar

article-1302389-0AC4E721000005DC-773_634x560.jpg article-1302389-0AC4D9FD000005DC-146_634x423.jpg article-1302389-0AC4D9F9000005DC-120_634x421.jpg

I’ve added 3 images of the girls singing Missing You at the G-A-Y bar

article-1302389-0AC5071C000005DC-811_634x457.jpg article-1302389-0AC50D79000005DC-932_306x423.jpg article-1302389-0AC514F8000005DC-745_306x462.jpg article-1302389-0AC50E20000005DC-381_196x548.jpg article-1302389-0AC4FA6F000005DC-426_306x626.jpg

And 16 images of the girls leaving and arriving this event on Harley Davidson motorbikes

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