Saturdays Night Alright

Just Can't Get Enough ... girl band party through the night at G-A-YThere are still 48 hours to go before the new No1 single is revealed.

They have been hungry to hit the big time for the past two years. And suddenly they are in Bizarre for the second time in a week – a surefire sign of success.

The girls – together, main pic from left, VANESSA, MOLLIE, FRANKIE, UNA and ROCHELLE – had an almighty tear-up at a signing session for their new single Missing You on Wednesday night.

They arrived at London’s G-A-Y on motorbikes then got stuck into jugs of booze. It wasn’t long before they were posing with all manner of naughty gadgets.

Out of all the girls, Vanessa was the biggest lightweight. She ended up slumped outside the club with a glass of water and a random fella.

They can look forward to another hangover on Monday if they manage to keep EMINEM from the top spot.

Source: The Sun

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