Band freebies are welcome after big money LA shopping spree, admits Saturdays star Rochelle

Saturdays singer Rochelle Wiseman reckons it’s just as well she and her bandmates get lots of free stuff – because they spent so much on their recent trip to the States.

Rochelle and fellow Sats Mollie, Una, Frankie and Vanessa spent time in LA to film the video for their new single, Higher. But Rochelle admits a crazy shopping spree has left her out of pocket.

She has just moved house with JLS boyfriend Marvin Humes but is struggling for cash to furnish their new pad.

Rochelle told the Razz: “I did a bit of shopping in the US and I bought quite a bit, which was a bit naughty.

“I spent my money on lots of clothes, because when you’re there everything seems cheaper.

“Dollars are like magic money and it doesn’t seem like much is coming out of your account. But when I got home, I realised it took a massive dent out of my account, so I can’t go crazy for while.”

But she added: “We are quite lucky because we get freebies.

“Marvin and I were about to order a washing machine and dryer the other night but then we got an email from our PA, who said a certain brand wanted to give us a moving-in present of one. We thought, ‘how cool – save those pennies’.”

As well as shopping till she dropped, Rochelle also got a new piercing in her right earlobe while in LA.

She said: “It wasn’t sore but I think I’m quite a tough cookie and have a high pain threshold. I’ve already got my belly button pierced.”

Both Rochelle and Marvin will soon be preparing to tour with their respective bands – The Saturdays will play the Clyde Auditorium in Glasgow on February 6 – and she revealed they get to perfect their moves together.

Rochelle said: “The two of us do practise dance steps in the bedroom when we have important shows coming up. We practise at home in the room because we have a big enough mirror for it.

“I’m sometimes like a kid coming home from school and I say to him, ‘Want to see what I did at work today?'”

Rochelle also admitted she enjoys having a camera crew follow her around for ITV2 show The Saturday s 24/7, The Saturdays 24/7, though she said the most embarrassing episode was when Frankie caused a stink.

She said: “The biggest cringe moment for me was when Frankie f****d on me.”

She admitted, however, that not everyone in her entourage feels ecstatic about having their every moment captured on telly.

Rochelle said: “My mum especially hates it. She said to make sure that she’s not on

Source: Daily Record

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