Picture Update – Una arriving at the Look Magazine Show

look_03.jpg  look_02.jpg  look_04.jpg  look_07.jpg  look_05.jpg

Thanks to Lindsey from Una Healy Fans I added 8 Images to the gallery of Una arriving at the Look Magazine Show last friday.

Because I left the site for a while, our dear Marit saved a lot of pictures last month and is gonna send them to me. I’m only gonna make a post about the pictures that show up on the internet from NOW on, so unless it’s an event or a photoshoot, I won’t be making posts from those galleryupdates, because otherwise it’s too confusing and it’s starting to look messy, cause everyday there are popping new pictures of the girls on the web. So make sure you keep an eye on the gallery this week, especially the candids cause there will be quite a lot august-images added to that 🙂 thank you!

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