Picture Updates – G-A-Y

The girls performed at G-A-Y the 25th of September. Many pics are added to the gallery!

(I’m a fan of the bright and happy colours, but I must say, I was a bit dissapointed in the fact that 4 of them were practicly dancing around in bra’s. They’re so good, they don’t need that 🙂 )

1_(15).jpg  1_(14).jpg  article-1315338-0B5B6BCC000005DC-626_468x594.jpg  1_(10).jpg  1_(20).jpg

I’ve added 26 images of the performance to the gallery

1_(29).jpg  1_(37).jpg  26769_2.jpg  26769_1.jpg  1_(31).jpg

Plus 30 images of the girls leaving this event

1 thought on “Picture Updates – G-A-Y”

  1. I don’t know why you are disappointed in the fact that they had their bras exposed. They have a fun look, they aren’t doing anything wrong. Its stage fashion in which you can pretty much get away with certain looks. They are making the same music and are the same down to earth women. So I don’t think its disappointing that their Bras are showing. They’re having fun.

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