Presenting… The Saturdays Official Book! 1

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Pre-order the book on Amazon here!

About Marit

I’m Marit, 19 years old and studying for Teacher Assistant. I was born and live in Holland. I actually got to know the site owner before this site through another fansite I run with him – – I then started to listen to some of The Saturdays’ music, watched some of their videos and decided I quite liked them! Since then I’ve been following them, and you understand as soon as Matt asked for volunteers I was the first to apply! I hope you’ll enjoy visiting this no nonsense fansite for The Saturdays that has been around, well, longer than they have!

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One thought on “Presenting… The Saturdays Official Book!

  • thesaturdays5

    im getting the book and your my idols and you are better than some bands and i love frankies ,new hair colour and how much does the book cost?
    and im getting the book 2 days after its out