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Hello lovely fans!

As you all know I work on our gallery for almost a year now. Cause of some personal reasons I don’t have much time and energy to do it all by myself. I discussed this with Matt, and we both agreed that it would be nice if someone is gonna help me out with the gallery. That means, more pictures, more updates, more happy fans!


– You have to have a bit of experience with working on a website. (We work with WordPress, Coppermine and our pictures are all saved in the FTP.) If thats not the case, you have to be a very quick learner. Don’t worry I will explain everything you need to know!
– You need to know how to deal with negative feedback. (Not getting angry If I’m telling you you did something wrong) And be able to change your mistakes.
– You gotta know English grammar. It’s not gotta be 100% perfect, mine isn’t either. But because this website is being visited worldwide, the fans gotta be able to understand you.
– If you pick things up with the gallery quickly and we trust you enough, you will get your own acount on the site, to make your own posts. (Not news related, only gallery related!)

– You gotta be motivated and quick. If pictures appear on the internet, I post them the same day, or the day after that.

– I need to be able to trust you. Ofcourse you can go on holidays, and you don’t have to be around everyday, but disappearing for weeks without mentioning you’re away is not gonna be accepted.

I know I may sound a bit strict, but we really want the best for this site 🙂

If you’re interested in helping me out, you can send an e-mail to: [email protected]
Please make sure you name your e-mail: “Issy Gallery“, incase I’m accidently looking over your post. I will e-mail you back as soon as possible.

I’m only gonna pick one person, so if you’re really interested in helping out, make sure your e-mail stands out from the other ones! Tell me something about yourself, your age, country, and how many days a week you’re available to work with the gallery.

I hope I can find someone who wants to help me out!

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