The Best Of 2010: January – July

Enjoy this flip that is a compilation of moments The Saturdays have had in 2010!

[viddler id=6db1ce3&w=545&h=349]

Matt and I hope you will have a wonderful Christmas, and if you do get bored you can enjoy this flip or of course the advent calanders in the post below! 🙂

As an EXTRA Christmas treat I have managed to find all the FULL flips you have seen in the video above, go to ‘MORE’ to see them!

Read more!

‘Ego’ Video Shoot (Jan 2010):
[viddler id=825d6aae&w=545&h=349]

Valentine Silent Disco (Feb 2010):

Valentine Silent Disco Competition
[viddler id=342ef6be&w=545&h=451]

Valentine 2010 Silent Disco Competition
[viddler id=31670d9e&w=545&h=451]

Valentine Day 1
[viddler id=afeddd5f&w=545&h=451]

Valentine Day 2
[viddler id=c03f5ec6&w=545&h=451]

Valentine Day 3
[viddler id=2aaf0cd8&w=545&h=451]

Valentine Day 4
[viddler id=639872d4&w=545&h=451]

Valentine Day 5
[viddler id=aea440fa&w=545&h=451]

Valentine 2010 Competition Reminder
[viddler id=9829b857&w=545&h=451]

Valentine Wish To Sophie
[viddler id=a4885957&w=545&h=451]

Mollie Gets A Fringe (March 2010):
[viddler id=ddbe1615&w=545&h=451]

Disney With The Sats (April 2010):

New Generation Festival Disneyland
[viddler id=6b2189dd&w=545&h=349]

Disney With The Sats
[viddler id=9c6cd8c3&w=545&h=451]

Una Is Alive!!! (May 2010):

At An @TheSats Meeting
[viddler id=d3b9bd7b&w=545&h=451]

Rochelle’s 21st Bday Party (May 2010):
[viddler id=6b76701f&w=545&h=451]

Take Your Puppy To Work Day! (June 2010):
[viddler id=7d863382&w=545&h=349]

Mollie Plans Her Birthday (June 2010):
[viddler id=913cf667&w=545&h=451]

The Sats Power Cut Rehearsal (July 2010):
[viddler id=113077e&w=545&h=349]

The Sats Backstage At The O2
[viddler id=a5744e9e&w=545&h=349]

Headlines TV Ad Shoot (July 2010):
[viddler id=2b440b54&w=545&h=349]

The Sats Jewellery Shoot (July 2010):

The Sats Are Ready To Rise!
[viddler id=a68eb76c&w=545&h=349]

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