“Notorious” Video Premiere – Watch now!!!

@TheSaturdays have been literally ‘teasing’ us all throughout the week with their teasers, but below – finally then! – you can check out the full music video accompanying their hot new track Notorious!

[viddler id=277caaf7&w=545&h=349]

For anyone who is unable to see it in HD on their VEVO YouTube Channel, HERE’S a link to Vimeo to enjoy it in high definition anyway! 🙂

6 thoughts on ““Notorious” Video Premiere – Watch now!!!”

  1. Thank you!!! I can watch it in Canada now!!! its amazing and the song is so good!
    I wish it was longer and the video didnt stop!

  2. As a fan of the sats, I am quite deceived. I understand that they love pop music and they love to promote that and there’s no shame and that, but they fail at understanding meaning of songs and they tend to lack presence. The song is called notorious, I expected the video to be somewhat hardcore, maybe some choreography, maybe some dark clothes, no colors. If they are so “notorious”, when I go to the club, I want to stay away from them because I am afraid of them or they’re showstopping on the dance floor and everyone is looking at them. Instead, they look like, after a long day at work, they went to a dance party and had a great time with club friends. Is this their idea of being “notorious?” I have seen this scenario in at least four of their videos: Work, Ego (they just posed in that one), missing you, and higher. The concept of “work” works better for this video. This might be on the part of their label but maybe they should come up with concepts for their videos, they might have better ideas. So for me, this video is not “new” to me because they’ve done it before. Sad. 🙁

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