The Saturdays chat to Sugarscape

@TheSaturdays give an Interview to Sugarscape about Notorious and more!


Sugarscape sat down for a chat with The Saturdays last week to talk about their new single Notorious (which is bangin’ by the way, have a listen here if you’ve been living under a rock for the past week) and the girls we learned a lot about the girls.

First we learned that Frankie Sandford has AMAZING shoes. Well all the girls did actually but they were the first thing our shoe crazed minds honed in on when we entered the room. They were Louboutins, we could tell by the red sole we don’t miss a trick, and they were fabulously chunky and high.

Secondly we learned from the other girls that Mollie King would make a crap beauty therapist. She seems to do alright on her own face.

Thirdly we learned that Una Healy loves a cheesy chat up line and is a brilliant matchmaker. Don’t let us stop you from setting us up with one of your boyfriend’s Rugby mates then, we’re more than happy to be your guinea pig.

And finally we learned that Frankie can munch away on a Mars bar and drink full fat Coca Cola and still have that stomach. We started the same regime on Monday, if it works for Frankers…

We so want to be a Saturday! Unfortunately we don’t think they’re going to take us up on our offer to play swapsies for the day. The boys in the office are going to be so sad.

The Saturdays single Notorious is available to download on iTunes now so get downloading and let the dancing commence!

Are you a fan of The Saturdays new song? Who’s your favourite Saturday? What’s the best chat-up line you’ve ever heard?

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