Rochelle: No Saturdays Movie Yet

@TheSaturdays Rochelle Wiseman was talking about The Saturdays Movie …..

Rochelle Wiseman has said there are no plans for a Saturdays film yet.

With the JLS documentary-film Eyes Wide Open about to be released, the Saturdays singer – who is dating band member Marvin Humes – insisted the girl group hasn’t been inspired by them.

“I don’t think anyone wants to see us in 3D just yet – it’s a bit much! We’ll leave it with the guys and their nice, trained torsos,” she said at the premiere of Eyes Wide Open in London.

“I have to get in the gym before anyone can see me in 3D,” she added.

Rochelle, who has already seen the JLS film, said fans would be satisfied with the end result.

“It’s a really good film. I think it’s really nice for fans to see their journey and where they are now. I see him everyday so I don’t think it’s any different, but it’s nice for everyone to see,” she continued.

Source: Belfast Telegraph

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