[Updated] Saturdays throwback: Hollyoaks Music Show – 17th November 2009

We’ll have to wait for Matt to get up whatever they did on this morning’s show, but here’s a little throwback to when they were on this show nearly 2 years – 17th November 2009.

Performance for “Forever Is Over”:


Performance for “Wordshaker”:


Slapping Rhys from Hollyoaks:


Catch the news round-up on the post below, and some more – either flashbacks or new stuff, we’ll have to wait and see! – coming up tonight. Remember you can catch them on Tonight’s The Night, channel BBC1 from 6.45pm UK time.

Update: The Hollyoaks Music Show today was a best of, so nothing new but the videos in this post.

1 thought on “[Updated] Saturdays throwback: Hollyoaks Music Show – 17th November 2009”

  1. DanLovesTheSats

    I love it on the “Slapping Rhys from Hollyoaks” video at the end where you just see Frankie coming back for another slap :L ♥

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