[Updated – 2 performances added!] The girls at V Festival … In 2009!

Here’s another ‘throwback’ or ‘flashback’ from the girls at the V Festival in 2009, as mentioned they are there again today so hopefully we’ll be able to provide you with some new videos as soon as we can… However there’s plenty from 2009 I’m sure you’d love to watch back and smile at again, so here they are! There’s 3 interviews and 2 performances of “Just Can’t Get Enough” and “Work”.

See them after the break!

Interview with Frankie & Una:

Interview with Frankie, Mollie & Rochelle:

Interview with all the girls:

“Just Can’t Get Enough” performance:

“Work” performance:

Enjoy, and stay tuned for more today and tomorrow 🙂

Update: just found 2 more performances, “One Shot” and “Issues” (in 2009!).

One Shot:


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