All Fired Up Tour comes to an end…

As Nelly Furtado would put it, why do all good things come to an end? Sadly they just do… With just 2 more dates left at Belfast and Dublin – and to those attending, enjoy it! The show should be smooth as butter by now! – sadly another Saturdays Tour is coming to its end. All is not lost fortunately, as posted just over a week ago they have filmed the tour at Manchester so surely we should be getting a DVD of that… So if you haven’t been able to see them live – like me! – don’t feel too bumped as you’ll be able to purchase the DVD for rather less than a ticket and watch it on your TV screens and a comfy couch to sit on! (and you can hit pause if you just HAVE to visit that toilet) Sadly for those abroad it seems the girls still remain focussed on the UK for now, although this morning when I was on the Dutch iTunes doing a search on The Saturdays I found out they’d put their latest album “On Your Radar” on there as well as quite a lot of their recent singles! So if you live in Holland like me, get yourselves an iTunes account and an iTunes card (if you need any further instructions move it to the chit-chat section on the site!) and buy some of their stuff to show the Dutch market there is definitely impatient Saturdays fans waiting for them to do something over here! Also if you live anywhere else do try checking your iTunes and if you can give us a heads up in the chit-chat if their songs are available on there, that’d be great so we can inform fans all around the world with ways to support the girls even if you are not located in the UK 🙂

To those attending tonight’s show at Belfast or tomorrow’s at Dublin: enjoy it! To those that have attended previous show(s): charish those memories! To those that haven’t attended any of the shows: await that DVD and get yourselves the Limited Edition Deluxe Box Set now on sale at Universal – including the Headlines Tour on DVD! – to enjoy until we can give you a heads up on preordering the All Fired Up Tour DVD!

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  1. Hey Frankie,Mollie,Una,Vanessa,Rochelle I am such a big fan and I have been to your all fired up tour in Liverpool and I was so sad when it ended r u going to do another tour this year ???? Also inave everyone cd the Saturdays have brought out so far I hope their is more to come xxx I was wondering when your all fierd up tour DVD would come out because as soon as the DVD came out I would rush to the shop to get it xxx I love all of you and I think I might pass as your no1 fan because I am always singing your songs around the house my mum says it’s a bit annoying hahhaha xxxx
    From jack(no1 fan) xxx <3 <3 xxxxxx

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